Today, the web is being filled to the brim with boring stories, self-involved blogs and useless clumps of webpage content, each post claiming to be provide insight, wisdom or breaking news. But, as our social platforms continue to be flooded with average content, consumers are becoming unsatisfied and disconnecting from brands that continually fail to deliver.

Online content can be an incredible opportunity to establish and nurture the business-customer relationship, as well as play an integral role in SEO strategy, all whilst communicating your brand identity. But it can only do these things if it is  truly good content. Otherwise it should be called something else…like ‘not-tent,’ but less lame…

Good content targets, engages and adds value to consumer and business alike. Good content has specific purpose to inform, entertain or add value to the consumer, whilst fitting into a wider digital marketing strategy. It builds into existing relationships and moves a customer towards a

At done + done, our aim is to provide businesses with creative, audience specific, content that truly engages the end consumer, whilst reaching strategic organisational goals. This content is to be a marketing tool for the business as well as an informative, entertaining or otherwise valuable B2C interaction.

Good content works, the rest is just noise.